Finally a website assisting those with medical conditions that may be treatable 



...if only the medical community actually had access to the best evidence

without the undue influence of the pharma-insurance-governmental complex. 




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Welcome to the home of INCURABLE ME the website that will help

those with medical conditions that could be treatable -- if only the

medical community actually had access to best evidence without the

undue influence of the pharma-insurance-governmental complex.

Greed drives the type of health care and the quality of health care

available in this country and others, because what happens in the

USA ultimately influences the practice of medicine in a great many

countries. The feeling that physicians and conventional medicine

have failed to meet the needs of the public is now mainstream as

detailed in this article from the Atlantic: Doctors tell all - and it's Bad


This website (and the Incurable Me book) is an

attempt, even if just a token attempt, to heal the

divide. Meanwhile, we are living during a time

when the greatest medical fraud and crime of all

time is being perpetrated on the world. Read

the articles posted below.

"Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now."                                                                    ....Thomas Jefferson

This site is slowly being populated with information and every attempt is being made to stay current, so first came Ebola, but Measles over took Ebola in concern, so a Measles page was added and then Zika came to town.....hmmmm interesting pattern, eh? If one didn't know better one would think these

events are being manipulated just to obtain money. When the government owns vaccine patents and profits from the sale of vaccines...owner, distributor, promoter of vaccines they should not be in charge of approval and safety - that must be put in independent hands.

Below left is a 30 minute interview with Ireland's Johnathan Irwin, a veteran philanthropist, discussing

the fallout from receiving the HPV vaccines. Below right,  is a 60 second spot on Conflicts of Interest in creating the HPV vaccine

                                                                                         60 second Whiteboard PSA on the HPV vaccine

















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