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are these Diseases Incurable?

So much information to share- this website is still being developed. Bookmark this site and visit again soon!

 ...or is the public needlessly being manipulated by the pathetically clueless medical establishment that is blindly being lead around like a bunch of mind-controlled lemings slavishly accepting whatever the pharma-insurance-governmental complex wants them to believe.


The truth does get published in the medical literature, but on average most physicians are 20 years behind the medical literature and need to be spoon-fed information, and  are almost completley dependant on the information those with greed & power based agendas give to them - these factions publish as well - they publish to confuse and obfuscate the truth making it sometimes difficult for an untrained eye to know the difference.


Your average physician simply lacks the tools to know when something published is a propoganda piece of junk science or is an unbiased, independent reserach endeavor,


and again....


if whatever it is doesn't have the potential to make a corporation lots of money it won't translate into clinical practice and will go unnoticed at best.



Drug Addiction

Alzheimer's Disease


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Traumatic Brain Injury


IBD/Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis

Traumatic Brain Injury

Cerebral Palsy

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Cervical Cancer and the Vaccine


This is a non-commerical, independent website. It does not sell anything, endorse any commerical products by name (excluding the book Incurable Me) or take any funds from anyone who has something to sell.

That doesn't mean everything on the website is from the Almighty's mouth but that is what is being strived for here.


Dr. Stoller practices out of the Azzolino clinic in San Francisco and can be reached there for consultation. He can't answer specific questions about individual medical probelms by email unless you are a patient.



Attorney Len Schroeter: “They are incidents of empire and power, military power, and human experimentation comes out of that inevitably—It always will, because people don’t matter."

Schroeter won thousands of Agent Orange claims for Vietnam vets.

President Clinton created a mandatory anthrax immunization program. (13139) It turned soldiers into human test subjects who have no right to refuse the vaccine.

Obama has expanded the anthrax program. Over one million US soldiers suffer from Gulf War Illness.  

Women in the military are advised not to become pregnant while receiving the anthrax vaccine. Horrifying birth defects.

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