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Early reviews of Incurable Me from other truth seekers:

As a physician and medical imager, my career has often been one of observation of the work of other physicians.  My familiarity with the name “Dr. Stoller” first came about with the learning and reference materials that Ken’s brother has published over many years in radiology.  I met the “other Dr. Stoller” about ten years ago as I began reading Ken’s published works and writings during my own study of the underpinnings of autism.  My first readings of Dr. Stoller’s medical writings were when he was still in the establishment of academic pediatrics.  As I have found through these writings, he has a remarkable understanding of human biology and medicine. Of course, a visionary like Dr. Stoller could not stay long within the confines of our nation’s increasingly industrialized medical model.  His passionate advocacy of safety and improvement of the human condition makes for a difficult political life in the halls of the establishment where money and eminence often supersede the Hippocratic practice of our art.  Incurable Me embodies all that is Dr. Stoller’s “wandering but not lost" ethos as a healer. His many examples from the trenches show how corporatization of healthcare has left many good ideas out of our healers hands. It is a testament to the role of pioneers like him among all of us, searching for more information in improving our own biological lot in life.  Our national discourse needs this voice as more of our political apparatus is run by corporate money proxy from those who’s market is your body rather than your vote.  There is much in the book that will awaken the curious to the neo-feudal prerogative of the powerful in this world. The answer to Dr. Stoller’s subtitle is quite simple at some level, the best medical research often cannot be privatized or made proprietary in a nation lost to global pharmaceutical corporations.  I would guess the political leaders and physicians of other nation’s around the globe see this better than our own. I encourage my fellow citizens and physicians to read this book with an open and awake mind.  It is an informational map shining light on the opaque and obscure that impacts our very lives. Study these understandings of Dr. Stoller; our collective health is only harmed when these levers of obfuscation are not apparent to each and every one of us.

Edward “Ted" Fogarty, M.D.
Chair, Department of Radiology
UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Southwest Campus Building
701 East Rosser Avenue, Second Floor Office Suites
Bismarck, North Dakota, 58501


This book provides a wealth of knowledge to set you straight on what's up with vaccines, toxic metals, pesticides, and autoimmune disease, and why you can no longer trust your doctor to keep you well.


Timely, colorful, gripping and informative -- Dr. K. Paul Stoller has produced a masterpiece!


Stephanie Seneff

Senior Research Scientist

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Oh, how I love this book. You have to be brilliant, fearless, and ultimately fed-up with our horrific medical machine to write a book like this. I'm grateful, because very few doctors dare to go where Dr. Stoller has gone. They literally fear for their lives. I'm with Dr. Stoller and his enlightened body of research that points to dark intentions behind the mainstream medicine. I also agree things didn't start out this way. Doctors used to want to figure out why children became ill, now they sit at the whims of the CDC propaganda pushing (sponsored by pharmaceutical companies) and the pediatric drug dealing that we now know as the 'well visit'. Why aren't more doctors and specialists looking further than their noses?


Dr. Stoller can see the big picture, and it's tangle of money, greed, and power at the expense of the human race. So unless the medical profession can open their minds to the root cause of so many neurologically-based illnesses like autism, epilepsy, and immune disorders, we'll continue to be treated with useless Band-Aids. We might not even make it through the process. Unless we accept, as a corrupted democracy, that eugenics is real thing happening right now, a huge part of American history, then we are only treating symptoms, and ignoring the real environmental causes. Vaccines. Pesticides. Fertilizers. GMOs. Fluoride. American kids are the sickest in the world, and doctors act as if this is normal. We don't know they why, they say, just take this pill and move along. They shrug their shoulders and call it SIDS when an infant dies right after a Hep B shot. This is madness.


Dr. Stoller, one of the first of the revolutionary doctors of our mangled time in history, was brave enough to 'quit' the Academy of Pediatrics, to expose the powers that be, and to write about about the darkness he witnessed and studied, without too much medical jargon that alienates the mere mortals. His material is carefully selected and intertwined. He can explain mitochondrial disfunction  and excitotoxicity, but he also lays it out like you're sitting in the living room chatting with him. He has real solutions to the most complex of medical challenges, and detailed holistic and suppressed cures for those of us who have no where else to go. But these gems are not for sheep. You have to be awake enough to 'get it'. And I imagine those who cherish this book as I do, have children they care for who have been severely damaged by vaccines or are ill themselves, and cannot get a medical doctor to look further than what sponsored papers they learned in medical school. Our children are barely hanging on after being wrung into shells of themselves by this messed up medical system. I look forward to the sequel. And I hope more doctors follow Dr. Stoller's lead in become daring enough to do their own research. They need to speak up, grow some courage, and break open the lies that prevent all of us and our children from healing. 


Beth Giuffre

Mother of three 

Writer and Artist

Templeton, CA

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