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Dr. Kenneth Stoller was an undergraduate at UCLA and completed his training

from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine in 1986

(residency), and was a practicing board certified pediatrician for over two

decades focusing on brain injured children and adults. Dr. Stoller’s area of

expertise is functional medicine, also known as integrative medicine.


He has been working with patients with brain injuries ranging from traumatic

brain injury, stroke, autism, cerebral palsy, MS, chemo-brain, and Lyme brain

since the late 1990s.


His knowledge of esoteric complementary medicine has made him a sought

after speaker and numerous Integrative Medicine conferences (he is a faculty

member of  Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs). He believes it is

criminal that many poorly recognized infectious agents are actually at the root

cause of many mental health problems with perhaps Lyme Disease being the most recognized of the medical illnesses that will cause everything from bipolar depression, dementia to seizures.


He believes countless patients have been misdiagnosed with a mental illness when they actually have an untreated infection.


Dr. Stoller is one of the few physicians that has been made a lifetime Fellow of the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, and he has published numerous articles on using hyperbaric oxygen to treat brain injuries. He pioneered the use of hyperbaric oxygen for treating fetal alcohol syndrome and the journal, Pediatrics published his work in 2005. Dr. Stoller is at the leading edge of physicians who use natural supplements and bio-identical hormones to help patients heal their brains. He wrote the book, Oxytocin: The Hormone of Healing and Hope, and set up the website in 2008.


In addition to being an astute clinician, Dr. Stoller’s extracurricular activities having included being among the founding board members of the Humane Farming Association and the One Hit Away Foundation.



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