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Vaccine Injury - only the beginning


“Injured in the line of duty.” Our children were not military, but they were soldiers involuntarily conscripted into a mandatory vaccine program. It was and is understood and recognized in government policy that some children would, unavoidably, be injured.

(See the legislative history of the Vaccine Act).


"In all too many cases, when the parents of children claimed injury, the Government program established to compensate them Denied their claims, Ignored their suffering and Ridiculed

them for having the temerity to even bring a claim."

                                                                                                Robert J. Krakow



Here we have a situation the started out with good intentions, but has become perhaps the greatest

man-made scurge on the planet. According to the

HRSA, over $4 Billion have been paid out for vaccine

injuries in the US since 1988.


$117,000,000 a year are paid out  for vaccine injuries. That's $322,000 per day, or $13,000 /hr in blood money

just so Pharma does not have to make their vaccines more safe. $224/minute so some CEO of Pharma can enjoy a bonus for doing nothing to improve vaccine safety.


The CDC pledges “To base all public health decisions on the highest quality scientific data, openly and objectively derived.”


"Respect scientific truth is the basis of the credibility of the institutions responsible for public health. If they fail in this respect they are seriously exposed to a loss of confidence from the public. The CDC seem to have falsified the results of their own studies that showed a correlation between the occurrence of autism and MMR vaccination (MMR in English) in young African-American children. This falsification, revealed by one of its authors, support the conclusion that the lack of correlation, which has helped to keep vaccinations without changing the conditions. Besides the damage to young victims, this case amplifies the fear of vaccinations in the audience, thus ruining the disease prevention policies. This is what describes the film of Andrew Wakefield, medical researcher and whistleblower with courage and lucidity." "Prof. Luc Montagnier - Discovered HIV


Peter Doshi, in Influenza: marketing vaccine by marketing disease, argues that

in the case of influenza vaccinations it is all about marekting a disease to sell a vaccine (tht doesn't work).


Never mind safety issues, we let others push us around, push dangerous, worthless interventions on us and we just take it like we are all a herd of sheep.

"If people think they’re protected because they live in a generally well-vaccinated population like the United States, and therefore are not likely to get pertussis, that would be the wrong message to give, because the reality is the organism circulates freely in the U.S. despite high levels of vaccination." Professor Arthur Reingold is Head of Epidemiology at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health


We allow our tax-payer dollars to pay for non-efficacious vaccines, such as the flu vaccine. No one

answers to these wasteful expenditures, and no one answers to the harm caused by these less than

worthless vaccines, and while the sheeple will always be there repeating bah-bah-bah, an independent eye will clearly see how this all went very wrong.


There are studies showing the flu vaccine doesn't work, but where are the studies showing it does?


Here (below center) is an article showing giving flu vaccine to children makes them sicker than

non-vaccinated children, the seasonal trivalent flu vaccine results in 5.5 times more incidents of

respiratory illness, according to a study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.


For most of the last century, medical science brought us several wonderful developments -

penicillin and the antibiotics that followed are at the top of the list, advanced scanning technologies, hyperbaric oxygen, dialysis just to name a few, but notice I did not mention vaccines. Vaccines are not what people have been lead to believe they are and when it comes to efficacy and safety they a criminally wanting. But what about the polio vaccine an all the lives it has saved... that is exactly the point... vaccines are not what many think they are.


























What part of the flu vaccine doesn't work doesn't everyone get?

How flu shot manufacturing forces influenza to mutate

Scripps Research Institute, October 30, 2017 

According to a new study from scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), the common practice of growing influenza vaccine components in chicken eggs disrupts the major antibody target site on the virus surface, rendering the flu vaccine less effective in humans.

"Now we can explain—at an atomic level—why egg-based vaccine production is causing problems," said TSRI Research Associate Nicholas Wu, Ph.D., first author of the study, published recently in the journal PLOS Pathogens.

For more than 70 years, manufacturers have made the flu vaccine by injecting influenza into chicken eggs, allowing the virus to replicate inside the eggs and then purifying the fluid from the eggs to get enough of the virus to use in vaccines.

The subtype of influenza in this study, called H3N2, is one of several subtypes shown to mutate when grown in chicken eggs, and the researchers say the new findings further support the case for alternative approaches to growing the virus.

"Any influenza viruses produced in eggs have to adapt to growing in that environment and hence generate mutations to grow better," explained study senior author Ian Wilson, D.Phil., Hansen Professor of Structural Biology at TSRI.

The new study shows exactly why egg-based manufacturing is a problem for the H3N2 subtype. As H3N2 influenza has become more prevalent, scientists formulating the seasonal flu vaccine have sought to include this virus and teach the human immune system to fight it. Despite this effort, recent flu vaccines have proven only 33 percent effective against H3N2 viruses.

Wu used a high-resolution imaging technique called X-ray crystallography to show that—when grown in eggs—the H3N2 subtype mutates a key protein to better attach to receptors in bird cells. Specifically, there was a mutation called L194P on the virus's hemagglutinin glycoprotein (HA). This mutation disrupts the region on the protein that is commonly recognized by our immune system.

This means a vaccine containing the mutated version of the protein will not be able to trigger an effective immune response. This leaves the body without protection against circulating strains of H3N2.

In fact, Wu's analysis shows that the current strain of H3N2 used in vaccines already contains this specific mutation L194P on HA. "Vaccine producers need to look at this mutation," cautioned Wu.

The researchers say further studies are needed to investigate replacing the egg-based system. "Other methods are now being used and explored for production of vaccines in mammalian cells using cell-based methods and recombinant HA protein vaccines," said Wilson.

"There's a huge need for flu vaccine research," added Wu.

More information: Nicholas C. Wu et al, A structural explanation for the low effectiveness of the seasonal influenza H3N2 vaccine, PLOS Pathogens (2017). DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1006682 


The polio epidemic was caused by DDT.


Without the populace being poisoned by DDT, an enterovirus that has been around for untold millennium would never have been able to penetrate into cause paralysis in the central nervous system of its victims unless their innate defenses had been weakened by the pesticide.


But wait.. wasn't the polio vaccine the most effective vaccine of them all?... was a flop, a failure and gave millions upon millions the cancer causing SV40 virus that was present as a contaminant. Because the vaccine was such a grand scale failure to save face the government changed the definition of polio. Once the polio vaccine began to be used a polio victim was not counted as a polio victim unless they were paralysed for over 60 days. It was already known that the vast majority of victims recovered in those 60 days and so they were never counted again. The vaccine was a failure because (see chart at right) most cases of polio are not caused by the "poliovirus."


The public was fooled and now infections and those pesky virus particles could be blamed for a whole host of problems they weren't really responsible for directly.


As the last century came to a close the pace of real medical breakthroughs crashed as the government became increasingly intwined in the medical field, They controlled much of the economics of the health care industry as well as research priorities.

The more the government got involved, the fewer advancements manifested. Then the government starting taking out patents on technologies used in vaccines and licensed them to Pharma... so the government itself profits from vaccine sales and the distinction between the government and Pharma started to disappear.


The U.S. government put an end to the risk Pharma had to lawsuits,  for example absolving vaccine manufacturers of liability should a vaccine prove defective. But then the government became an aggressive vaccine promoter by not only purchasing large amounts of vaccine but also controlling the types of vaccines states could order, because as the largest purchaser of vaccine they wanted to make sure the various state health departments used the vaccines the governent had already purchased, so for example let's say Vermont only wanted to purchase mercury free flu vaccine...

NO CAN DO... the CDC would never let them do that.


The government turned the economics of the pharmaceutical industry inside out, and vaccines went from high risk, and often money-losing ventures into risk-free, government-guaranteed windfalls. The government was captured by Pharma and Pharma was captured by the government killing safety, innovation and true progress - all done without transparency. Some call it triple regulatory capture.




































A very slippery slope that has lead to the unprecedented promotion of the

HPV vaccine known to have killed and injured hundreds of previously healthy

teens across the globe (an unnecessary vaccine [see Cervical Cancer

and HPV]), the continued use of thimerosal (mercury) and aluminum in

vaccines in first, second and third world countries and injecting thimerosal

into pregnant women?


Really... why would they want to give the flu vaccine to pregnant women...

they will say it is because getting the flu while you are pregnant can injure

the baby... and while there is some truth to that it is the cytokine storm the

immune system kicks up that could injure the baby... not the virus itself. But

guess what the flu vaccine causes?  Yep, a cytokine storm.



Vaccines have been used secretly to sterilize women of

child-bearing age in order to test the efficacy of using vaccine

as a means for population control.  


Didn't know about that?... (read  recent stories from Kenya by clicking

on the graphics on the right.)


So, vaccines are not only a  big, no-risk money makers for Pharma, but they

are the sacred cow tool eugenicists plan to utilize for their population control

agendas. That is why they can't be criticized for any reason. The population

must be willing to take vaccines for this plan to work.


Vaccines have essentially become a soft-kill bio-weapon.


"Kenya's Catholic bishops are charging two United Nations organizations

with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus

inoculation program sponsored by the Kenyan government.


"...the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association found an antigen that causes

miscarriages in a vaccine being administered to 2.3 million girls and women

by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Priests throughout Kenya

reportedly are advising their congregations to refuse the vaccine.


"We sent six samples from around Kenya to laboratories in South Africa.

They tested positive for the HCG antigen," Dr. Muhame Ngare of the Mercy

Medical Centre in Nairobi told LifeSiteNews. "They were all laced with HCG."


"Dr. Ngare, spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, stated

in a bulletin released November 4, "This proved right our worst fears; that

this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a

well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise

using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to

the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored."

("Mass Sterilization: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-Fertility Agent in UN Tetanus

Vaccine," November 8, 2014, by Steve Weatherbe,


When you understand that the irrational promotion, pushing and

often forcing vaccines on the public despite the fact that many

vaccines have been found to be next to, or completely worthless,

is about a eugenics depopulation agenda, then it all makes sense.

-This is beyond money, because money alone does not explain

the insane promotion and mandates of an intervention that often

has little to no medical efficacy and often many untoward



Depopulation trials are ongoing. This latest Kenyan trial was not supposed

to have come to the world's attention, we are not supposed to know vaccines

are being used as depopulation weapons.


Depopulation is designed to get rid of large numbers of people who might

interfere with globalist interests in taking control of resources.


In November, 1993. FASEB Journal (volume 7, pp.1381-1385.) published

and article that said:   "Our study provides insights into possible modes of

action of the birth control vaccine promoted by the Task Force on Birth

Control Vaccines of the WHO (World Health Organization)."


From the British Medical Bulletin, volume 49, 1993. "Contraceptive Vaccines":


"Three major approaches to contraceptive vaccine development are being

pursued at the present time. The most advanced approach, which has

already reached the stage of phase 2 clinical trials, involves the induction of

immunity against human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). Vaccines are

being engineered ... incorporating tetanus or diptheria toxoid linked to a

variety of hCG-based peptides ... Clinical trials have revealed that such

preparations are capable of stimulating the production of anti-hCG antibodies..."


"The fundamental principle behind this approach to contraceptive vaccine

development is to prevent the maternal recognition of pregnancy by inducing

a state of immunity against hGC, the hormone that signals the presence of the

embryo to the maternal endocrine system."


 "In principle, the induction of immunity against hGC should lead to a sequence

of normal, or slightly extended, menstrual cycles during which any pregnancies

would be terminated..."


"During the next decade the world's population is set to rise by around 500 million.

Moreover, because the rates of population growth in the developing countries of

Africa, South America, and Asia will be so much greater than the rest of the world,

the distribution of this dramatic population growth will be uneven..."


The diptheria and tetanus vaccines would function as a social and political

mask to hide the sterilizing intent, as millions of women in the Third World would

receive vaccines they're told would protect them against infections and disease.


A letter to a medical journal, The Lancet, p.1222, Volume 339, May 16, 1992.

"Cameroon: Vaccination and politics." Peter Ndumbe and Emmanuel Yenshu,

the authors of this letter, report on their efforts to analyze widespread popular

resistance to a tetanus vaccine given in the northwest province of Cameroon.


Two of the reasons women rejected the vaccine: it was given only to "females of

childbearing age," and people heard that a "sterilizing agent" was present in the



The well-known journalist, Alexander Cockburn, who passed in 2012, on the op-ed

page of the LA Times on September 8, 1994, in his piece "Real U.S. Policy in

Third World: Sterilization : Disregard the 'empowerment' shoe polish-the goal

is to keep the natives from breeding," reviewed the infamous Kissinger-commissioned

1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200, "which addressed population issues."


"... the true concern of Kissinger analysts [in Memorandum 200] was maintenance

of US access to Third World resources. They worried that the 'political

consequences' of population growth [in the Third World] could produce internal

instability ... With famine and food riots and the breakdown of social order in such

countries, [the Kissinger memo warns that] 'the smooth flow of needed materials

will be jeopardized.'"


In other words, too many people equals disruption for the transnational corporations, who steal nations from those very people.


Cockburn noted that the writers of the Kissinger memo "favored sterilization over food

aid." He goes on to say that "By 1977, Reimart Ravenholt, the director of AID's [US

Agency for International Development] population program, was saying that his

agency's goal was to sterilize one-quarter of the world's women."


Tetanus vaccine protocols indicate that one injection is good for ten years. Therefore,

multiple injections would indicate another motive for the vaccinations-such as the

anti-fertility effect of hCG planted in the vaccine.


The Population Research Institute, in the November/December 1996

issue of its Review, published a report by David Morrison. (click on graphic at right)


Morrison stated, "Philippine women may have been unwittingly vaccinated against their own children, a recent study conducted by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) has indicated.


"The study tested random samples of a tetanus vaccine for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone essential to the establishment and maintenance of pregnancy ... The PMA's positive test results indicate that just such an abortifacient may have been administered to Philippine women without their consent.


"The PMA notified the Philippine Department of Health (PDOH) of these findings in a 16 September letter signed by the researchers and certified by its President. Using an immunological assay developed by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, a three-doctor research panel tested forty-seven vials of tetanus vaccine collected at random from various health centers in Luzon and Mindanao. Nine were found to contain hCG in levels ranging from 0.191680 mIU/ml to 3.046061 mIU/ml. These vaccines, most of which were labeled as of Canadian origin, were supplied by the World Health Organization as part of a WHO-sponsored [sterilization] vaccination program."


Morrison's article implied that the vials of vaccine tested came from a widespread immunization campaign rather than from a small pilot study of a few women.


The Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation was created at the World Health Organization in 1973. Ute Sprenger, writing in Biotechnology and Development Monitor (December 1995) describes the Task Force:


"...a global coordinating body for anti-fertility vaccine R&D...such as anti-sperm and anti-ovum vaccines and vaccines designed to neutralize the biological functions of hCG."


Sprenger indicates that, as of 1995, there were several large groups researching these vaccines. Among them:


* WHO/HRP. HRP is the Special Progamme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction, located in Switzerland. It is funded by "the governments of Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Canada, as well as the UNFPA and the World Bank."


* The Population Council. It's a US group funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Institutes of Health [a US federal agency], and the US Agency for International Development [notorious for its collaborations with the CIA].


* National Institute of Immunology. Located in India, "major funders are the Indian government, the Canadian International Development Research Center and the [ubiquitous] Rockefeller Foundation."


* The Center for Population Research, located at the US National Institute of Child Health and Development [!], which is part of the US National Institutes of Health.


The Lancet, 4 June, 1998, p.1272: "During the recent National Immunisation Campaign (vaccination for childhood diseases and tetanus toxoid for pregnant women), in some villages [of Thailand] the women escaped and hid in the bushes thinking that they were going to be given injections to stop them having children."


AP, Boston Globe, October 10, 1992, "Birth-control vaccine is reported in India": "Scientists said yesterday they have created the first birth-control shot for women, effective for an entire year...[after which] a booster shot is needed."


The point of all this is that vaccines have become a tool for depopulation and that fact alone explains the irrational overuse of them on the population and explains why they have been elevated to the status of a scared cow where no untoward word can be said about anything regardng their efficacy or safety. And those that make them are immune from liability, etc.


West Nile, SARS, bird flu, Swine Flu, Ebola... WHAT IS THE REAL REASON for promoting these "epidemics" is to motivate populations to take the post-epidemic vaccines that have undisclosed properties.


We, as a society, as a civilization, have been far too easy to experiment on. If we allow this to continue it will be shame on us.


When you get asked the question what you did when some well funded fools decided to destroy mankind so that they can live in their perceived utopia... a utopia without you and yours, what will your answer be?





The article at right isn't about injecting a vaccine to sterilize, it is

about just injecting a sterilent without consent. Point being that

this is all going down and has been for sometime. This isn't SciFi.








Returning back to the worhtless flu vaccine... seems like it is picking off oldsters

right and left (just a coincidence of course)

BBC News - Italy suspends Fluad flu vaccine from Novartis after deaths


Bloomberg: Italy Suspends Batches of Novartis Flu Vaccine After 3 Deaths


A fourth person had a "serious adverse event" after getting the Basel, Switzerland-based company's vaccine, the Italian Pharmaceutical Agency said in a statement today. The suspension of the two batches is a precaution, the Italian agency, known as AIFA, also said. It's unclear whether the deaths were a coincidence or were linked to the vaccine, it said. . . .


Corriere reported that one victim was a 68-year-old who died ten minutes after vaccination, citing the man's nephew. He was from Syracuse in Sicily.


UK Telegraph: Novartis flu vaccine suspended in Italy after deaths--Swiss drugmaker stresses that "no causal link" has been discovered between vaccine and deaths

Two women aged 87 and 79 and a 68-year-old man from southern Italy died following jabs of the Fluad vaccine earlier this month. Another man, 92, is seriously ill in hospital.


More info on Fluad flu vaccine:


FLUAD was approved for use in those 65 years and older in June, 2011. Because it's supplied already loaded into single-use syringes, it doesn't contain the mercury-based preservative, thimerosal. But it certainly contains other risky ingredients, the most concerning of which is MF59C.1. This is an adjuvant composed of squalene, polysorbate 80, and sorbitan trioleate in citrate buffer, an oil-in-water emulsion similar to the controversial adjuvant which was added to the GlaxoSmithKline 'pandemic' influenza vaccine used in 2009 and 2010.


Apart from the three inactivated influenza viruses and the MF59C.1, FLUAD contains a long list of other ingredients and traces of materials used in the manufacturing process, some of which could be problematic: sodium and potassium chloride, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, disodium phosphate dehydrate, magnesium chloride hexahydrate, calcium chloride dehydrate, neomycin, kanamycin, residual egg protein, formaldehyde, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide and barium. The May 31, 2011 FLUAD 'Prescribing Information' monograph by Novartis Pharmaceutical Canada Inc. states that it is contraindicated for people who are hypersensitive to any of these. The monograph warns, "FLUAD has not been evaluated for.carcinogenic or mutagenic potential."




In 1986,  when the vaccine makers and doctors were indemnified against vaccine

damage suits.  The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created.


The overt intent of Congress was to develop a no-fault compensation for children

- a Vaccine Court which was supposed to have been a quick family-friendly

addition to civil litigation, not as a substitute, and that normal civil litigation


completely available [but for the three-year statute of limitations trap] to those

who were unsatisfied with their win or loss in vaccine court.


But that ws not what happened. What happened was a system to protect the

vaccine program at all costs - all about depopulation after all.


Claimants face-off against DoJ lawyers defending the DHHS.


Most claimants never get their cases heard and the few that do have their cases heard can wait over a decade for and compensation. DHHS has unclean hands in that it owns patents on vaccine technology licensed to vaccine makers, and the DHHS has been bled out from the inside by corporate moles.


Normally liability in so-called “toxic tort” cases requires a relative risk greater than 2.0.  The original Verstraeten findings (Generation Zero) exposed in the illegal June 2000 Simpsonwood, GA meeting, of a 7.62x risk based on mercury exposure and the 2.49x relative risk for early MMR found by the DeStefano team [per recent CDC whistleblower Thompson] were concealed by the CDC, yet would have been sufficient for liability.  Not only did the CDC suppress these disturbing results, it funded fraudulant epidemiology studies, most now discredited, to exonerate vaccines of any causality to autism.  The CDC and Tom Insel  blocked every proposal to do a vaccine vs. unvaccine study.  So, the US Treasury is safe because compensation for the autism cases, which would have exceeded $1 trillion will not happen until there is “beyond reproach” epidemiology confirming this excess risk.  It is just that epidemiology is not the Gold Standard... you can't even prove sex causes pregnancy with epidemiology.


There won't be a vaccine vs. unvaccinated study because the answer is already known.... "they" just don't want the public to know.


Congress wrote: “The Committee recognizes that there is public debate over the incidence of illnesses that coincidentally occur within a short time of vaccination.  The Committee further recognizes that the deeming of vaccine-relatedness adopted here may provide compensation to some children whose illness is not, in fact, vaccine-related.  The Committee anticipates that the research on vaccine injury and vaccine safety now ongoing and mandated by this legislation will soon provide more definitive information about the incidence of vaccine injury and that, when such information is available, the Secretary or the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (discussed below in Section 2119) may propose to revise the Table, as provided below in Section 2114.  Until such time, however, the Committee has chosen to provide compensation to all persons whose injuries meet the requirements of the petition and the Table and whose injuries cannot be demonstrated to be caused by other factors.”  BUT the DHHS continues to ignore both  research, the research they should be doing and argues that “children will die” if compensation is awarded for "AUTISM" that would undermines public confidence in vaccine safety, and this is important.


The DHHS thinks its job is to keep the public's confidence high in the vaccine program, not to monitor safety, make sure vaccines actually work or are even needed. Their job is to promote them without question.


Obama' DoJ joined Wyeth in seeking much broader immunity than originally granted by Congress: “Guaranteeing that a vaccine is potent enough to ensure that a disease is contained or eradicated in this way entails trade-offs between safety and potency. . . . The tort system—in which juries may pay little heed to this calculus, see ibid.—is poorly equipped to encourage such optimally safe and potent vaccines. That is why Congress recognized through the Act that expert regulators, in conjunction with the medical community, should control the availability and withdrawal of a given vaccine. . . . Studies on new versions of existing vaccines are all the more difficult because medical ethics and study design considerations generally preclude testing the new vaccine on a population that has enjoyed access to the proven old vaccine.”


Huh? So, vaccines are inherently unsafe,  new studies are problematic making them even more untested and unsafe, hence we need to protect Pharma - not the citiziens, not the children. In essence, it was like giving automobile manufactuers the license to make faster more powerful cars but not crash test them and have total immunity if engines blow or wheels fall off...buyer beware?


Congress mandated quite a different policy in the Vaccine Act, saying in the legislative history: “The Federal government has the responsibility to ensure that all children in need of immunization have access to them and to ensure that all children who are injured by vaccines have access to sufficient compensation for their injuries.”  First and foremost, Congress was very clear in preserving the traditional access to tort litigation if Vaccine Court was not fulfilling its intended purpose of adequately compensating the vaccine-injured: “The bill establishes a compensation system for those persons injured by routine pediatric vaccines.  The system is intended to be expeditious and fair.  It is also intended to compensate persons with recognized vaccine injuries without requiring the difficult individual determinations of causation of injury and without a demonstration that a manufacturer was negligent or that a vaccine was defective.   While the bill does not prohibit a vaccine-incurred person who has completed compensation proceedings from going on to court, the system is intended to lessen the number of lawsuits against manufacturers.  Toward this end, the bill requires that a person with an injury resulting from a vaccine that was administered after the enactment of this legislation file a compensation petition and go through the compensation program before proceeding with any litigation against a manufacturer. If, however, after compensation proceedings are complete, a vaccine-injured person elects to reject the system's findings and award and go on to court, he or she is free to do so.  The Committee anticipates that the speed of the compensation program, the low transaction costs of the system, the no-fault nature of the required findings, and the relative certainty and generosity of the system's awards will divert a significant number of potential plaintiffs from litigation. . . . Persons in the third group must complete the compensation proceeding and reject its judgment and its award before pursuing a civil action against a manufacturer for vaccine injury.”  Since the Bruesewitz decision was simply a [wrong] construction of the statute, it can easily [and such cases routinely are] reversed by Congressional action to restore its original intent. This would go a long way to restoring some honesty to the program and would induce Pharma to add more injuries to the Table to socialize the risks and avoid litigation, precisely furthering the goal that all who are injured by justly compensated.


It is very significant that the HHS official admits, again, that vaccines do cause autism, albeit with the intervening sophistry of “brain illness:” “[the court] has not compensated any cases based upon autism alone in the absence of sudden serious brain illness after vaccination,"  In a May 5, 2008 email to investigative reporter rockstar Sharyl Attkisson, HHS admitted “The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines.  We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease.  We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease.”  Although it is one of the least well kept “secrets” among those who know, CDC still lies to the public “vaccines not associated with risk of autism.” 


In other words, we the people are being lied to about vaccine benefits and vaccine risks, and if you don't like it you can go jump in a lake...


MEANWHILE....outside the good old USA, courts are finding for children who have developed autism as a result of receiving vaccines:


Here are the official statistics from HRSA. If you click on the link toward the bottom of the page you get the tables. One of the tables lists compensation by vaccine.  They jealously guard the injuries [adverse events] for which compensation has been obtained. Unless on the table of injuries, these [about 95% of all cases since 1996] are litigated and settled as 'off table' cases. There is massive secrecy here. CDC says flu vaccines can't cause GBS but they routinely settle such cases, and will be adding GBS to the 'table of injuries' soon. CDC also says vaccines can't cause autism, but they have been losing and settling autism cases in vaccine court since 1990, one of the reasons behind the evisceration of the table and 'aids to interpretation' in 1996.  The DOJ report at the quarterly ACCV meetings also provides a little more information about the condition vaccinated. 







The above chart was created by Jame Lyons-Weiler and you can read the relevant studies on his website. In one of the reports, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) found Destefano et al. 2004, to be fatally flawed, and based their conclusion on FOUR studies.  Yet the IOM met-analysis that followed included consideration of the studies IOM found to be flawed. In today's culture of pseudo-science there is a strange schizoid phenomena where the scientists want to tell the truth but are being paid to come up with per-determined conclusions.

So, no science that shows vaccines cause Autism? Except in these published studies which show vaccines cause Autism.

But what about that discredited Andy Wakefield?

Andrew Wakefield and his dozen co-authors who reported on their evaluations of a series of 12 severely disabled autistic children who were all also chronically ill with severe abdominal pain and chronic diarrhea, whose parents had brought them to the team for evaluation. The parents knew that their child had been developmentally normal prior to the MMR vaccinations and, following the inoculations, had deteriorated both neuro-developmentally and gastro-intestinally.

Wakefield, a gastroenterologist, and his team performed various studies, including colonoscopies and biopsies, on the very sick children. The viral assays that were done showed that the viral enteropathy was caused by a strain of measles that was identical to that which was in GlaxoSmithKline’s MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.

So the conclusion that could not be avoided was that the bowel disorder in the vaccine-injured children was actually an iatrogenic disease (physician- or treatment-caused) that was caused by the MMR shot. It was not much of a jump to also conclude that the accompanying autism disorder was also iatrogenic.

To a powerful multinational corporation like Glaxo (and their shareholders), that was an intolerable finding and something had to be done to try to discredit the findings and the authors. Threats to most of the team succeeded in disavowal, except for Wakefield and another (who was later totally legally absolved of any ulterior motivations).

The article was also an intolerable finding for the hospitals, clinics, physicians and nurses in the entire National Health Service (and the world’s health systems) who had been indoctrinated with the notion that all vaccines were safe and effective. Because of their indoctrination, they had been complacently administering larger and larger amounts and more types of vaccines, assuming that the repeated reassurances from Big Pharma were true that VACCINES WERE NOT THE CAUSE OF AUTISM.

The elegant paper that Wakefield, et al published in The Lancet in 1998 had been thoroughly peer-reviewed prior to publication, but readers drew the proper conclusion and now knew for certain that their fears about the dangers of the NHS’s vaccine program had been correct. So the confidence of the public in Big Pharma had been misplaced – and there was a backlash against Glaxo’s product.

With the vido at right you can hear Dr. Wakefield in his own words. Words that will make you doubt the CDC  when it comes to vaccine policy, because they have been lying about the Wakefield smear campaign that was part of a massive conspiracy between GlaxoSmithKline and Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times yellow journalist Brian Deer that successfully destroyed the reputation of a beloved and honorable physician. Wakefield exiled himself to the US.  


Rupert Murdoch owns the pro-corporate Wall Street Journal,and Murdoch’s son James, incidentally, was on the board of directors at Glaxo at the time of the Wakefield scape-goating conspiracy, and the Murdoch family has strong family and business ties with Glaxo. The Wall Street Journal has been as guilty of fomenting the fake story about Wakefield as has every mainstream media outlet, not to mention NPR, PBS etc.

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