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Lyme Disease This page is work in check back often for updates!



Deny • Distract • Deceive • Degrade • Destroy

This is the playbook of disinformation used by
both corporations and factions of the government alike.
Degrade and Destroy is reserved for anyone who dares speak the truth about anything that interferes with "their" pernicioius agendas.
I think Dr. Andrew Wakefield (MMR/autism link) is the posterboy for Degrade and Destroy.

If 90% of autopsied brains of Alzheimer's Disease patients have a neurospirochetosis, what does that say about the rest of us? Watch video (left) to learn more.

Dr. Davidson interviews KP Stoller on Lyme

This is where things stand with Lyme Disease  today:


The Borelia bacteria, the corkscrew-shaped spirochete that cause (most) Lyme have been infecting humanity for thousands of years.


There is a two tier antibody testing algorithm where first line screening tests (Elisa) fail to detect 60% of infections. Those patients who do test positive will be allowed the second more sensitive test (Western blot) but the criteria is so narrow that up to 90% of infected patients are excluded from being told they are positive. This is especially the case for late Lyme.


Academic centers that study Lyme only receive grants if they have demonstrated a bias against persistent infection. These researchers are then the "Peers" in the peer-review process, so they only approve each other's work for publication.


The medical community has been informed that all stages of infection, acute through late stage are easily cured with a standard two-three week treatment with a single antibiotic, which then turns most of those patients into chronic and often debilitated malingerers.


When a better testing method is developed it gets met with disdane and never becomes approved.


We the public have been encouraged to think Lyme is limited to a few select areas of the USA, and most areas are free of Lyme transmitting organisms.


Physicians have not been informed there are congenital and gestational transfer cases or there is confirmed evidence this can be an STD (transfer between sexually active couples).


The blood supply is not screend for the Lyme organism.


All primate studies proving persistent infection after standard treatment are ignored.


An organization, (the IDSA) has been supported and relied upon to promote  disinformation and it is staffed with the same researchers with a bias against persistent infection. The motivation is to allow the continued $$ funding $$ of Lyme vaccines even though they don't fit the true model of this disease; therefore, the true model must be denied.


Newly recognized Borrelia spirochetes (non B burgdorferi) that cause disease are now infecting people throughout the USA, yet there is no commercial test available to screen for some of these organisms.



 "Suppress all evidence and then proclaim there

   is no evidence"



Congenital Transmission of Lyme:

There are 28 Peer-Reviewed Studies


There are studies proving persistent infection after antibiotic

treatment for mice, dogs, ponies, monkeys, cows, iris biopsy,

and ligamentous tissue but if you perform a simple Internet

search for the following statement, “There is no convincing

scientific evidence that chronic Lyme exists” you will find the

top search results are connected to “elements of academic

medicine” involved in the denial of the late stage Lyme epidemic.


There are 273 Peer-Reviwed Studies of Persistent Lyme infection


“One way to stop an epidemic is to redefine it by narrowing the disease's diagnostic criteria so tightly that it's hard for any chronically ill Lyme patient to fit the profile and obtain insurance reimbursement.”


The following recent study from China concluded that criteria for a positive diagnosis of Lyme disease were established with only one IgG band and one single IgM band. (the CDC requires 5 IgG bands or 2 IgM bands)


A Study of the Technique of Western Blot for Diagnosis of Lyme Disease caused by Borrelia afzelii in China


In a CDC letter (Dec 1996) addressed to former Senator Alfonse D’Amato, the CDC promised to inform the medical community that the CDC’s Lyme case definition was created for reporting purposes only and not intended for clinical diagnosis.




The 5 positive bands of IgG antibodies and 2 positive IgM bands was only meant to be the benchmark for reporting cases, but not the criteria for a diagnosis?


Physicians were never informed of that!


Untold numbers of Lyme patients have been told they don't have Lyme, denied treatment, denied insurance reimbursement and those are the lucky ones.


Who is there to hold dishonest science accountable when “evidence based medicine” has been spun to fit biased agendas?


What is the motivation to do this in the case of Lyme Disease?


It is very simple...Pharma wants to have a Lyme vaccine or at least profit from all the government funds to develop such a vaccine, but for this to be possible Lyme must fit a certain disease model. Since it does not fit a model where a vaccine would work, even on paper, the CDC seems to have conspired with both Pharma and a corrupt faction of academia to distort the truth about Lyme to enable vaccine makers to move forward on their desire to profit from a vaccine and/or its development.


In early 2016, the National Guidelines Clearinghouse–a federal database that provides treatment information to health care professionals and insurance companies–has removed the IDSA Lyme disease treatment guidelines from its website. This is actually a big development.


The IDSA settled the antitrust investigation by agreeing to review its guidelines in a public hearing—which provided essentially equal time for the IDSA and patients, clinicians, and scientists who held opposing views.


The hearing panel released its finding in 2010. The panel for the hearing was exclusively IDSA members so it is no surprise that they endorsed their own society’s guidelines—although panelists did recommend 25 changes. Nevertheless, the IDSA advised the NGC that the IDSA had reviewed its guidelines and that no change was necessary.


Based on the IDSA’s assertion, the NGC allowed the IDSA guidelines to be posted for an additional five years essentially without having to actually review and revise the guidelines. protested this extension with the NGC.


However, in 2014, the NGC revised its criteria for listing guidelines to conform to some of the standards adopted by the Institute of Medicine in 2011 for creating trustworthy guidelines. These standards included using a rigorous evidence review system. The International Lyme Disease Society (ILADS guidelines, which were authored by Lorraine Johnson (, Dr. Dan Cameron (ILADS), and Dr. Betty Maloney, conformed to the high evidentiary standards of the IOM. Although the IDSA guidelines did not conform, because they were filed before the NGC adopted the IOM standards, they were given a “free pass” on compliance.



For now those guidelines have been removed from the NGC as outdated and not in compliance with current standards. This leaves the ILADS guidelines for the treatment of Lyme disease as the only guidelines currently posted on the NGC.


Lyme and the Vaccine


A preventive vaccine for Lyme disease would not satisfy  FDA rules if a chronic persistent infection and antibody negative (seronegative) disease does exist. The bottom-line is that when a vaccine works it works by getting the body to produce antibodies, but if those antibodies don't have an effect of the survival of the organism what is the point in having them?


So, therefore the Emperor has lovely clothes, there is no such thing as chronic persistent Lyme, and if you are seronegative you don't have Lyme...

end of story.


But as we all know the Emperor has NO clothes,

there is chronic persistent Lyme and you can test

negative to the Western Blot and still have Lyme.



There are over100 Peer-Reviewed Studies showing that just

because you test negative doesn't mean you don't have Lyme.


Lyme does not fit any vaccine model, but if you

pretend it does, in an amoral conceptualized

pseudo-science way, then everyone is happy except

the people getting infected.




There seems to have been a combined effort on

the part of the CDC, IDSA and ALDF to use the

media for propagating the Lyme disease

disinformation campaign following Chomsky's

propaganda model. They have used every medical

journal and organization to spread the disinformation.

The result is that Lyme victim patients bounce from

one specialist to another often for decades before

they actually find out it was a Lyme infection they

have. Most never find out.



And now for the conspiracy part...

A “highly pathogenic” clone of the Lyme disease bacteria, (Borrelia burgdorferi)

found in Europe and North America somehow developed or was created and

then planted in the recent past - for sure in the last 200 years, but perhaps as

recently as 40 to 50 years.


This revelation gives a lot more credibility

that manupulation of this organism at Lab

257 really did take place and vectors (ticks)

escaped, or were allowed to escape and

made their way to the nearest city....Lyme,



The difference between a conspiracy theory

and a conspiracy truth is evidence.


Eventually, we the public will get tired enough of

getting constantly gaslit by those we have

allowed to control us and finally the evidence will be

recognized for what it is.














































































When you look at the incidence of Lyme

in dogs it is consistent with the guessitmate

that up to 20% of the human poulation

is infected.









Mary Beth Pfeiffer of the Poughkeepsie Journal highlighted the worst conflicts of interests between federal officials and a core group of researchers receiving government grants in the “ties that bind” page.


By clicking on the graphic below you will be taken to the interactive graphic at the Poughkeepsie Journal website.


The book Lab 257 documents (evidence) a Nazi connection to the U.S. laboratory on Plum Island. The book explains that Erich Traub, a scientist who worked for the Third Reich doing biological warfare, (see photo below left) was instrumental in the lab's creation.


 “as lab chief of Insel Riems­a secret Nazi biological warfare laboratory on a crescent-shaped island in the Baltic Sea­Traub worked for Adolph Hitler’s second-in-charge, SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, on live germ trials.”


“Ironically, Traub spent the prewar period of his scientific career on a fellowship at the Rockefeller Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, perfecting his skills in viruses and bacteria under the tutelage of American experts before returning to Nazi Germany on the eve of war.” 


Prior to the war,  Traub was reported to be a member of the Amerika-Deutscher Volksbund which was involved in pro-Nazi rallies held weekly in Yaphank on Long Island.


He undoubtedly made his mother proud and when the war was over and the Nazi's won (yes, the allied forces defeated Germany, but the real Nazi's were always in the USA), Traub came back to the United States under Project Paperclip, with a thousand other Nazi scientists, such as Wernher von Braun.




On November 21, 1993, Newsday investigative reporter John McDonald wrote: “A 1950s military plan to cripple the Soviet economy by killing horses, cattle and swine called for making biological warfare weapons out of exotic animal diseases at a Plum Island laboratory, now-declassified Army records reveal.”


“Documents and interviews disclose for the first time what officials have denied for years: that the mysterious and closely guarded animal lab off the East End of Long Island was originally designed to conduct top-secret research into replicating dangerous viruses that could be used to destroy enemy livestock.”




Lyme Connecticut is only 10 miles from Plum Island.


“The tick is the perfect germ vector,which is why it has long been fancied as a germ weapon by early biowarriors from Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan to the Soviet Union and the United States.” - from the book Lab 257


“A source who worked on Plum Island in the 1950s,recalls that animal handlers and a scientist released ticks outdoors on the island. ‘They called him the Nazi scientist, when they came in, in 1951 ­they were inoculating these ticks.”


“Dr. Traub’s World War II handiwork consisted of aerial virus sprays developed on Insel Riems and tested over occupied Russia, and of field work for Heinrich Himmler in Turkey. Indeed, his colleagues conducted bug trials by dropping live beetles from planes. An outdoor tick trial would have been de riguer for Erich Traub.”


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