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Measles - don't blame the unvaccinated! and don't blame Andy Wakefield


(Updated 8/16/16) Be very scared...the Measles is coming, the Measles is here....and it is all those darn un-vaccinated kids fault and that Dr. Wakefield... it is all his fault! So, get your vaccine, get it once, get it twice.. get it thrice! And whatever you do keep all those unvaccinated kids and there anti-vaxx parents away!

Merck has a practice of 'destroying' those who would testify against them.  The below articles mostly talk about emails that came to light in Austrailian vioxx litigation, with one Merck employee commenting: seek them out and destroy them where they live.



And, recall that much of the motive behind the UK attack on Wakefield via "press"-titute Brian Deer and others was to render him unable to testify as an expert in the Legal Aid Board [then a government agency] funded litigation against Merck, first for menengitis caused by mumps vax component and later by measles component of the MMR. And then, much of this Merck-fueled attack migrated across the Atlantic for use to discredit the PCR evidence in the Cedillo et al test cases in the Vaccine Injury Court (Omnibus Hearings). This "scorched earth" defense is part of Merck's standard toolkit.
























Oh, your not scared anymore... that's okay we will mess with you by bringing out the Zika virus scam.


But the Zika virus has it's own page on this website you can check out.


Measles can be a serious disease, and not to be made light as very young children, the malnourished (low vitamin A levels) and the immune compromised are at the greatest risk for complications. However, even without the vaccine mortality from Measles had already dropped by 98% in 1955 from where it was 50 years previously - 0.03 deaths per 100,000.





























The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices presumes immunity

(based on antibody response) to the illness in individuals who have received

two doses of live measles virus–containing vaccine - the MMR, or have

laboratory evidence of immunity.


Although cases of measles have occurred among people who meet these

criteria, it was believed on faith that those who develop measles despite

vaccination have not been shown to transmit it to others.


But secondary measles transmission by those who have received two doses

of MMR is possible (see articles above). 


Immunity to Measles from a vaccine is 

                        an illusion


Bottom-line is you can't count on immunity from a vaccine to prevent the

spread of measles be that herd immunity or individual immunity. The

vaccine, even when fulfilling all its potential, only deals with a single aspect

of the immune system. There is so much more to the immune system than

just developing a few antibodies.



And if this were true, there should be plenty of examples, which there are.

In 1985, a measles outbreak occurred in Corpus Christi, Texas – a virtually

fully immunized (>99%) school population. "We conclude that outbreaks of

measles can occur in secondary schools, even when more than 99 percent of the

students have been vaccinated and more than 95 percent are immune." (see articles linked with the graphics above.)



The article Detection of Measles Virus

RNA in Urine Specimens from Vaccine

Recipents (on the right) very interesting because it




"Measles cases in previously vaccinated individuals


suggests that more asymptomatic or subclinical cases


might be occurring."



Measles virus RNA was detected in 10 of 12 children


during the 2-week sampling period. In somecases, measles


virus RNA was detected as early as 1 day or as late as


14 days after the children were vaccinated.Measles virus


RNA was also detected in the urine samples from all four


of the young adults between 1 and 13 days after





It means the vaccinated spread and shed this virus that they received from the vaccine, and so one can postulate that when the virus back mutates to its more virulent form many individuals will get full Measles. And that is just what happens.


In 1988, 69% of all school-aged children in the U.S. who contracted measles were adequately vaccinated.(CDC. Measles. MMWR 1989; 38: 329-30) In 1995, 56% of all measles cases in the U.S. occurred in people who were vaccinated.(Gold E. Current progress in measles eradication in the U.S. Infect Med 1997; 14(4): 297-310.)  So, there is a chance you can still get measles even if you have the vaccine - a really big chance.


One of the reasons is vaccine "immunity" is artificial and as Measles is so rare, almost no one who is vaccinated ever encounters the wild virus, for if they did it would boost their immune response and maintain antibody levels (exogenous boosting).


But alas that is speculation, so we return to the facts on the ground... two rounds of the MMR vaccine in more than 90% of school children is not enough to prevent outbreaks; therefore it is argued that the vaccinated are placed at risk of getting measles if exposed to the unvaccinated, because the unvaccinated are the problem (not that the MMR doesn't work, etc.). At the same time authorities will argue that the unvaccinated are getting a free ride of protection from the 90%, because herd immunity is protecting them even though they didn't contribute to the herd. In other words, we are being told the unvaccinated risk giving the Measles to the vaccinated while at the same time the unvaccinated are protected from getting Measles by the vaccinated. Huh?


This would be somewhat comical if the MMR were benign, but vaccines are inherently unsafe, and the MMR is no different. The video below just touches on the controversy:













What to do?


Let's say all Measles breaks lose and cases are springing up all over... it could happen because the vaccine has not proven itself to provide long lasting protection even when it works.


Getting vaccinated is one option but it will take over a month to develop the antibodies the vaccine has the potential to create - certainly not a solution for such an acutely contagious virus.


Clearly.. to the CDC vaccines are the only answer and even when they come out and say, as in the case of the flu vaccine, there is almost no efficacy in the flu vaccine you should get in anyway because.... THEY SAY SO!


There is a benign intervention you won't hear about:


The International Journal of Epidemiology (2010) found that vitamin A

treatment for measles recommended by the World Health Organization

reduced measles mortality by 62%. " at least two doses of 200 000 IU

for children 51 year of age and 100 000 IU for infants was found

to reduce measles mortality by 62%" 

(see article on the right)



Below is randomized clinical trial published in the British Medical Journal

that found that the death rate in children under 2 years of age declined by

87% in the group that received vitamin A supplementation when

compared to the group that only received supportive treatment. The

children received 200,000 iu of Vit A on two consecutive days.





Vit A seems to be a real                                                                                      intervention that could                                                                                       both save lives and                                                                                           suffering through some                                                                                

of the symptoms of measles and it  would have to confer some protection from getting the measles as well .....but that is speculation.


Is there anything else besides Vit A?


Yes, there is a drug that is available every

where but in the USA... it is called Isoprinosine.

It is used world-wide (except in the USA) to

treat the worst complication of getting Measles

- panencephalitis.


This drug was found to be more efficacious

than two other antiviral agents. In the USA the

drug Ribavirin should be used instead.


The last point to make to drive home the fact that the MMR is basically a fraud is this False Claims complaint filed by two Merck scientists in 2010:







These Merck virologists witnessed firsthand the improper testing and data falsification in which Merck engaged to artificially inflate the vaccine's efficacy findings.


And if that still isn't enough to convince that the MMR is a fraud then read this class action lawsuit:























Measles is not a fun disease, but it is not Ebola. It was on its way out here in the USA because by the time the 50's rolled around Americans were able to reap the benefit of a safe water supply and better nutrition. Between 2004 and 2015 no one in the USA who contracted measles died.


The MMR vaccine has limited uselfulness and is not a benign intervention. The antibody response it creates does not fully protect against the disease and if it does at all that protection is short lived. Because wild measles is so rare no one is getting their own immunity boosted by the occassional contact with the virus.


Herd immunity is an illusion, and immunity from Measles after getting the MMR is more of a (false) hope than a reality.


While the unvaccinated are almost always going to get Measles if exposed to it, it seems the vaccinated often fare no better, because the MMR just doesn't work. The vaccine seems to be a hoax (as per the above False Claims complaint and Class Action).


When children used to get Measles it just wasn't such a big deal, because for most Measles is not a big deal, especially if you have acces to Vit A.


When you have a medical intervention that doesn't work  you blame those who are smart enough not to get it and divert attention away from the fact your intervention is worthless. After all what do you have to lose as a member of Big Pharma... you are indemnified. modeling (below) reveals that giving the MMR actually increases the cases of measles over time.... but these are things "they" don't want you to know:




























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