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a Humble Dr. I am indeed...but just a bit of kudos to share



Dr. Stoller,

Thank you for your 20 year steadfast truth search starting from within American pediatrics culture. The vindictive nature of medical culture towards its brightest has been wrought against you for so long. Our family, my future grandchild have already and will continue to benefit from intellectual equity your integrity and passion in fighting the good fight all these years for protection of the vulnerable in a system that has no practical restitution for those injured by our fellow physicians.


Ted Fogarty, MD, Chair Radiology Depart UND

Of the many people I am grateful for knowing, you are among them.  Thank you for being so freaking awesome. 




(I) was fortunate enough to be treated by Dr Stoller. I was found to have multiple infections, EBV and Lyme. Through my regular visits with Dr Stoller I have made tremendous progress. I will be able to start treatments in the hyper baric oxygen chamber soon. I saw over 20 doctors and now I finally have the answers and receiving treatment. I have referred friends, family and complete strangers to the  clinic for care.

Kindest Regards,


You were truly a blessing for me with the diagnosis and your expertise. 

I am ever indebted!! 

Gratefully, B


C tagged you in a post.C wrote: "In the midst of this CDC scandal, I have the pleasure of thanking my daughter's Dr., one who told the truth to us ... Who didn't allow vaccines in his Pediatric practice... Who resigned from a well known medical association , when the stance on vaccination was/ is $$$ instead of the well being of the children and families they served.A Dr who has spent his career healing instead of hurting. This is a Thank you .. You have always been on our side, our children's side.. While it hasn't been in your financial best interest , as a caring , compassionate, and ethical human being,you are at the top. Please share this status as a thank you to Doctor Kenneth P Stoller. With our deepest respect."



Dr Stoller:

It has been a great experience meeting with you and get the right help from you so I could have a healthy brain. I am glad I met you. Thank you




"Kenneth P Stoller is brilliant, HBOT saved our daughter in conjunction with chelation. We still have hurdles but those two therapies helped tremendously!"



Dr. Stoller,

 I can honestly say you are the first doctor my mom has connected with. I'm happy I was there with her. This has been very hard on all of us especially her.  I thank you for your advice for my asthma,




I'm blessed to have a wonderful HOLISTIC MD ( Kenneth P Stoller) and a great Energy Specialist=Taras Lumiere, DC, LAc. NMT who coordinate my protocol..Dr. Ken P Stoller is one on my supervising team. He and I both belong to several gene mutation groups totaling over 10,000 members many of them MD's other health professionals and teachers like me.

This same MD, Kenneth P Stoller treats my MALABSORPTION Syndrome with the supplements I'm taking and said I have a version of Mitocellular ( mitochondrial) homesis ( various genetic polymorphism mitochondrial dysfunction.)




Dear Dr. Stoller,

Thank you so much for all of your amazing advice today and for just being such a bright spot in what has been a very hard few days. You cannot know how much I wanted to hug you about five minutes into meeting you. (Or perhaps you can, since I am sure you see a lot of patients who have been down similar roads.)


You have no idea what it was like to meet someone in such a happenstance way who makes so much sense.





"Hi Dr. Stoller,
thanks so much for your help today, it really helped me feel good about my healing path!"




You have no idea how may "specialists" I have gone to over the last 15 plus years trying to get to the bottom of my health issues.  It's frustrating to realize that all the time, money and effort to find real health only resulted in my falling through the cracks, over and over again.  I know they did their best, but clearly they were all just what I call "Doc-in-a-Box," until I was guided to you.  Ya gotta love the Universe!




" I don’t know where we would be without you. As you remember when I first talked to you (in a panic) they were wanting to put my son in an institution. Now he has transitioned back into main stream school and is doing very well. Anyways, again thanks for you being you."



Thank you so much for your help and hope.  You have been so instrumental helping us with this insurmountable  challenge. We loved the clinic. We probably won't be emailing as much now she is out of harms way. You helped save her brain and even her life...Can't thank you enough for caring and not giving up. You are just the best.  Ever grateful...keep up the amazing work.



Are you still seeing kids with Autism now that you are in SFO instead of Sac? My son is now mainstreamed with no aid and nobody can tell he has Autism and you and HBOT have SO much to do with it. Forever grateful!!!



We praise God and are so thankful to Him for how He worked through Dr. Stoller when he was our daughter's physician and for the excellent help and treatments she received while in his care. We have nothing but admiration, respect and gratitude for Dr. Stoller.
United Kingdom



I am getting my brain back. I can't thank you enough!




Dear Dr. Stoller,

I am 35 treatments into my 80 Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments and I am making some amazing progress. I can't thank you  enough! I am feeling SO MUCH better since taking the methylation vitamins. I can't thank you enough. 

All the best,



I figured it was time for you to hear from me directly instead of from my mom.  I finally can say that I am good health and am cautiously optimistic that I will remain that way.  Despite the fact that I have killed most of the infection and have completed the medication to kill the Protozoa, there is part of me that just can't process the fact that I was so sick and missed so much of my life due to an infection that so many doctors missed.  I truly want to thank you not only for saving my life, but for all of your time and especially for the quick responses to all of my questions.  You really go above and beyond what other doctors are willing to do. 


Thanks Again for everything!



Dr. Stoller is one of the good guys. He really cares about our children. His heart is in this. I am sure life would be easier, and definitely much more lucrative if he stayed a main-stream pediatrician that didn't question the carnage around him. But he has chosen to get into the fray and actually do what all pediatricians are SUPPOSED to do: help children regain their health.



What an amazing doctor. That really says a lot that he broke away from AAP.



Doc. Thank you so much I can now see me out of the darkness and into the light.



I am very grateful for Dr Stoller. He treated my daughter after her vaccine injury. The HPV/gardasil vaccine left my daughter with serious brain damage and uncontrollable seizure disorder. I saw improvements while she was being treated and I also saw several children with autism that showed huge improvments due to Dr Stoller's treatments. Dr Stoller is a great man and an amazing Doctor. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with vaccine injury or autism.



Thank you for being such a consistent, caring, loud voice for me to adddress my health issues. Also, thank you for being an advanced, progressive, visonary... you are one in a million.



We are blessed To have met you in this journey.



I just want to thank you,belatedly,for  doing the initial tests that started me down this road, and taking a chance on me, and for refilling my B12 when I ran out last year, and no one would refill it. It has taken a few years,but I am now a regular patient of Dr. Rossignol, Dr. Frye,and Dr. Kahler.It is looking more and like I have the full compliment of the metabolic disorders Dr, Frye has published about.The mitochondrial overfunction, all the folate/5-MTHF stuff, the redox, and the tetrahydrobiopterin.All three of these doctors have told me I am unique, that no one as old as I am, or for that matter no adult with autism, has both been found to have all this stuff, and respond so well to treatment. My case may have broad implications for treating autism in adults.There may be a study on me at ACH in the future. And none of this would have happened, if you had not taken a chance on me in 2009. For that I will always be grateful.










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