A deterioration of human semen quality has been observed over recent decades. A possible explanation could be an increased exposure to environmental pollutants, including aluminum. Our aim was to measure the aluminum concentration in the semen of 62 patients and to carry out a preliminary evaluation on its impact on specific semen parameters.

For each patient, semen analyses were performed according to WHO guidelines. A graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry method was used to determine semen aluminum concentration. A cytological analysis using an aluminum-specific fluor, lumogallion, was also performed.

The mean aluminum concentration in human semen was 339 μg/L. Patients with oligozoospermia had a statistically higher aluminum concentration than others. No significant difference was observed for other semen parameters. Cytological analysis showed the presence of aluminum in spermatozoa.

This study provided unequivocal evidence of high concentrations of aluminum in human semen and suggested possible implications for spermatogenesis and sperm count.


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